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Newborn art photography is my specialization. It is my great love and passion to create beautiful and dreamy pictures of your perfect newborn baby. 🙂 ♥

It is a unique branch of professional photography that cannot be done by most regular photographers. It requires a great deal of patience, a lot of education and experience with newborn babies.

I have been working to perfect the art for over 13 years and there are always new things to learn.

Here is an example of the Newborn Premium Package photos submitted for selection, for an idea of what to expect:

This is my usual Standard Package:

And finally, here is an example of the Basic Package:

Making Your Order

To book in for newborn photography please ideally contact me during pregnancy when you are in the second or third trimester. I can book you in for around your due date, and then we can choose the exact date and time when the baby comes. It is ideal to come within the first 10 – 15 days after the baby is born, though photoshoots with a bit older babies are also possible.

Basically, the newborn session can be done for babies up to 1-month-old. Just the later you come, the more photos will be of the wrapped baby.

The first few days of a new baby are very special. After the first two weeks, babies have started to uncurl, stretch out and are a lot more alert. They’re awake much more so the session isn’t easy, but is still possible.

Once your baby is able to sit on his/her own but before he/she is able to crawl (6-9 months), it would be the second most perfect time for beautiful photos. The babies tend to be really cute and it’s possible to work with them really well. If you are considering any photos with older babies then that would be the best time.

I have made a decision not to make cake smashes and one-year-old babies photoshoots anymore since a few years ago. 

Then I take pictures of children beginning from 3 years of age.

I am not a traveling photographer, I do not do home visits, I always do the sessions in my studio because I have all the equipment and backgrounds here and this way I can get the best results.‎

Making the Photography

I will take a number of pictures, edit the best ones (around 30, the number depends on type of the session) and you can then choose the ones you like most. The editing usually takes around 20 days. It is important to take this delay into account if you need your photos to be ready by a specific date.

All images come in full resolution they are ready to print. Each session includes a print release for personal use and includes colour,  black and white and light brown shade versions of each image purchased. 

I dedicate maximum attention to every single picture. Being an art photographer I do not sell any of the raw material, e.g. the unaltered photos from the session. Instead, every picture you receive from me has gone through the full process of creative editing to achieve the best results.


What you pay for:

The first thing is the preparations. I’m spending a lot of the time coming up with, putting together and setting up your session.
Direct work on the day of the session is the next thing.
But newborn art photography isn’t just about the time spent taking the photos and making sure the baby stays in the right positions.
A lot of the work is actually spent on editing the pictures after the session is finished. 
It is quite a long process and most people do not realise how important it is.
In newborn photography, much of the background often needs to be edited so that it flows seemlessly with the rest of the picture and little details often have to be retouched. During the session the baby often needs to be held in place for safety and in order to stay in the correct position. Afterwards the hands that are holding him need to be edited out and so on…
Once this is all done the editing of the skin begins!
Newborn skin can often be quite red and yellow and we all want the finished image to look natural.
There is no magical click of a button that smooths everything out and takes out every spot. All spots and skin flakes need to be removed individually and this can be a very long process. 
Additionally, I handcraft most of my props which also takes some time to do but it helps to make my photos unique.
Last but not least, there is experience which is crucial, especially with newborn shoots. Not only is it necessary to master the camera itself, but one must also know how to work with babies and how to keep them calm and happy and master the wrapping technique. It took me over ten years to reach level of photography you can see on the website and there is always more to learn and ways to improve. 

All these things and more are part of each session’s pricetag and ensure the high-quality outcome that you can see in my gallery.

You can see my price list here: Pricelist

What can you expect?

  • Safe professional posing, perfect wrapping, High-quality photos
  • Photography with soul – I prepare everything in advance so that I have an idea of what to do with every session. At the same time, I am also flexible and I can quickly adapt to a given situation should the babies not be cooperative.
  • Exclusive time flexibility – You can choose a specific time which works best for you and your baby and at every session we will stay as long as necessary. There is no need to be stressed or hasty or to count every minute of your time. Sometimes the session takes 2 hours, other times 4 hours, simply as long as the baby determines.
  • Great amount of accessories, backgrounds and other equipment in the studio – My range of accessories is constantly growing… Most of the accessories, like hats, headbands and skirts I make myself so that they fit perfectly into the pictures.
  •  I have special lighting equipment so that the babies are not disturbed by strobe lights and so on.
  • I use state-of-the-art Canon technology – coupled with a calm and friendly approach, this helps me achieve the best results. I truly love my work and I enjoy every second of it.

Things to take with you

If you come to the session with a newborn baby or a baby under 1 year of age, you do not need to bring anything special with you. It might be a good idea to bring something for the baby to drink and eat as well as nappies and a favourite toy for older babies. All of the equipment required for the session is already in the studio.

I am also well equipped for sessions for small girls 3-4 years of age. I use custom-made headbands and hairpins, hats, and dresses, which are all available in the studio.