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A little different post today ūü§ó a review about a Photobook.
I must say I had a great experience with the Photobook from Saal digital!
I ordered 21 x 21 Professional Line XT, 18 pages, matte photo paper, just because it is better protected from fingerprints and I picked an acrylic cover with a black leather option because black suits my main photo well.

You can make the photo book with their own software or use a third party one like Photoshop for example. I downloaded Saal Digital’s own software, mostly out of curiosity. The software is intuitive and easy to use. But in this respect, I can’t be completely objective, because I have been working with photo editing programs for many years, so it was no problem for me, but I can’t speak for an ordinary user.

There are also three¬†options for how you can create your¬†photobook.¬†You can select “One Minute Photobook ” and everything gets done for you, or you can go with the “Auto Layout” option which gives you various suggestions and a¬†choice of themes ready to use, or you can create your very own photo book¬†from scratch.I chose the third option of course and I added just a few cliparts to some¬†pages. There is a huge selection of these there.¬†It was a lot of fun, and you can spend hours playing around with it ūüôā

I really liked the fact that the number of pages could be adjusted as needed during the creation process, you can choose different types of paper and it automatically updates the final price as you go along.

Making the purchase itself is very easy and automated. Processing was fast and it arrived quickly as well. I went from downloading the software to having the finished book at home all within one week. The packaging was very good and the acrylic cover came complete with a protective anti-scratch sleeve.

I was impressed by this book. It feels high end, looks beautiful, the colours match the original, the pages are nice and thick and the acrylic cover gives the photobook a brilliant look.
It is truly a professional product and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

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